An Overview of Perbanas Institute

Perbanas Institute (previously was Perbanas Economics School or STIE Perbanas)  is one of higher institutes of education which firstly holds education in banking and  finance. Established in February 19, 1969 by Indonesia Banks Association (Perbanas), it was originally founded to serve operational needs of human resources in banking sector.

This institution is inseparable from the presence of Perbanas Education Foundation or Yayasan Pendidikan Perbanas (YPP) as an official education body. Initially, YPP held higher education called Perbanas Banking Academy (AIP) which later developed as Perbanas Banking and Accounting Academy (AAP) in 1982, and in responding the market’s needs and demand on educated labor forces in baccalaureate program/bachelor degree, this institution transformed from an academy into a college namely Perbanas Economics School  in 1988, and then in 1999, it offered post-graduate program in management (Master of Management).

Based on the decree from Minister of Education Republic of Indonesia, No. 209/D/02007, dated on October 23, 2007, Perbanas Economucs School (STIE Perbanas) and Perbanas School of Computer Management and Informatics (STIMIK Perbanas) was merged into Perbanas -Asia Banking Finance and Informatics Institute (Perbanas Institute).

Perbanas Institute campus is located on golden triangle of business area (Rasuna Said-Sudirman-Thamrin), South Jakarta, on an area of 22,820 m2, having six buildings equipped with various facilities and satisfying educational resources as a modern campus.