The focus of Perbanas Institute is the banking world, the curriculum designed to be innovative, dynamic, and applicable to both recent and future needs, integrating theoretical and practical knowledge with the pleasant learning method.

Professional lecturers:

Lecturers have been selected from among the best, and expert in the theoretical and practical aspects of their respective fields. Most lecturers are Master and Doctoral Degree from outstanding local and overseas universities. In addition to teaching, Perbanas Institute lecturers are also involved in various excellent researchers and community services in collaboration with either local or foreign institution. 

Pleasant Teaching Method:

Teaching method is held interestingly and motivates students to participate actively, allows sufficient space for initiatives, creativity, and independence, among others in the discussion, project method, problem solving, team work, etc.

Regular Seminar, Workshop, and Special Events:

Perbanas Institute regularly conducts seminars, workshops, and also various educational programs on topics of current interests, such as Perbanas Innovative Seminar, CEO Talks, Visiting Lecturer, Studium Generale, Perbanas Banking Awards, etc.

Strategic Partnership

To ensure that the curricula and content of our program are always up to date and meet the business and industrial requirements, Perbanas Institute develops networks and strategic collaboration with major and reputable professional organization and institution. Also full supports from all academia, business sector, government, and society will enhance Perbanas Institute reputation in either national or global level.

Perbanas Institute Career Center:

Perbanas Institute Career Center, a division which is run many various programs, aimed to prepare mentality, skills, develop human resources, and also help the graduates of Perbanas Institute get a job professionally within less than 6 months after graduation. The activities in Perbanas Institute Career Center are among others: Campus Hiring, Job Placement, Job Vacancy Info, Career Development Program (CDP), and Job Fair in collaboration with various prominent companies either from national banks or from private companies. 

Outstanding Facilities:

Perbanas Institute provides complete and outstanding facilities for the students as a modern campus such as:

  • Full AC and multimedia equipments in every class,
  • IT based academic services, practical labs (Computer Lab, Conventional and 
  • Sharia Banks, and Capital Market / Dealing Room),
  • Library with a comprehensive book collection and e-journal subscription,
  • Banking service and ATM center,
  • Secure Parking, Sport Center (mini soccer, basket ball, and fitness center),
  • Mosque and Food Court.

Student Center:

There are 19 students’ extra-curricular activities to accommodate interests and talents, academic activities, among others are: Students Choir, Photography, Nature Lovers Club, Students Cooperative, Core Science Study Clubs, Religious Clubs, Campus Radio, Campus Music, Campus Magazine, and Sports.
Perbanas Institute students have high achievements in scientific activities, arts, and sports either in local or in international level.

Strategic Location:

Perbanas Institute campus is located in a golden triangle of business area (Rasuna Said-Sudirman-Thamrin), supported by easy access and public transportation service (Trans Jakarta) and free from 3 in 1 area.