On Monday, October 31, 2016 located at the Auditorium of Unit III, Perbanas Institute organized a Seminar on Entrepreneurship: How To Be An Entrepreneur, Case: Outdoor Equipment Business. This event was held to commemorate the 88th Youth Pledge Day.


This seminar was held in cooperation with KedaiPena.com, an online media, and supported by the Student Executive Body (BEM) of Perbanas Institute, Klettern and Cozmeed Outdoor Adventure Equipment and PT. Sarinah, The Home of Indonesia Heritage.


Dr. Rizal Ramli was pleasure to present and deliver a keynote speech in the seminar and the other invited speakers were:

• Mr Muchlis, S.Sn, M.Ds. (owner of Klettern, brand of outdoor equipment and a lecturer of Telkom University Bandung)

• Ir. Handriani Tjatur Setiowati, MM (President Director of PT. Sarinah)

• Mr. Surya Kurniawan, SE., MM. (Director of PT. Cartenz Indonesia and owner of Cozmeed, brand of outdoor equipment)

• Prof. Dr. Ir. Marsudi W. Kisworo (Rector of Perbanas Institute)

• Mr. Agus Rachmadi (Head of the International Institute for Microfinance and Financial Inclusion PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia)


The seminar was opened by  Vice Rector for Student and General Affairs, Mr. Arus Akbar Silondae, SH., LL.M., who conveyed the relevance of the spirit of Youth Pledge Day commemoration with the spirit of entrepreneurship for the young generation towards the realization of the competitiveness of our nation in the globalization era.


It was attended by students, lecturers, and various parties interested in the entrepreneurial sector. At the end, a Memorandum of Understanding between Perbanas Institute with KedaiPena.com in the field of publishing, education and scholarships was signed by Rector of Perbanas Institute Prof. Dr. Ir. Marsudi W. Kisworo and the editor in chief of KedaiPena.com, Mr. Ari Purwanto.


The kind of seminar will be held regularly to discuss various entrepreneurial sectors which are currently trend among young generation and students.

The Higher Education Coordinating Board (Kopertis) III will organize a workshop on leadership for private universities in Kopertis Region III Jakarta. It is conducted as a form of guidance and supervision for the universities to improve the competitiveness of the nation, university autonomy and the fitness of organization.


The seminar and workshop would be held for three days, from 19 -21 October 2016, at Seruni Hotel, Cisarua, Bogor. The workshop will review and discuss problems in relation to the condition of universities in Kopertis III Jakarta in facing changes due to both internal and external factors.


Rector Perbanas Institute, Prof. Dr. Ir. Marsudi Wahyu Kisworo was invited to the workshop to talk about “Transformation and Higher Education Paradigm Shift in Facing Global Competition.


The workshop would be attended by leaderships of universities in Kopertis III such as: Agung Podomoro University, Institute of Technology Indonesia, Indonusa Esa Unggul University, Darma Persada University, Respati Indonesia University, Institute of Business and Informatics Kwik Kian Gie, Al-Azhar University, Bhayangkara University, Institute of Technology Budi Utomo, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, and Krida Wacana University.


On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Perbanas Institute hosted a visit from Prof. Fauziah Taib MD, Ph.D., the Dean of the School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) who was accompanied by Prof. Joriah Muhammad, Ph.D. and the team.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Dr. Sofyan Hidajat Widjaja accepted the visit, accompanied by the Director of the Directorate of Cooperation and Internationalization Mr. Acong Dewantoro Marsono, MBA, The Head of the Professional Training Dr. Sri Murti Sadana, the Head of International Office, Ms. Nani Fitri, Hum and the Head of Public Relations & Cooperation Mr. Adi Darmawan, SH., MH.

In the the meeting, various issues related to the development of international cooperation were discussed especially programs that are possible to be carried out by the Perbanas Institute and USM. Some programs that have been agreed upon include: curriculum development, faculty and student exchange programs, training cooperation and various forms of other possible cooperative programs.

On Saturday, September 3, 2016, Perbanas Institute held a seminar under the theme National Banking in Strengthening Micro Industry and Young Entreprenurs” located at the Auditorium of Unit III and attended by the SMEs, banking practitioners, academics, students (both diploma to master) and general public.

This seminar was a response to the current conditions in which the banking sector has a very important role and strategic in supporting the development of the SME sector, especially in the establishment, expansion and development. The banking industry sees SME industry as a key partner in the development of Indonesia's economy, so it needs to be embraced and nurtured seriously. One form of the support from the banking industry to the development of SMEs is their coaching programs are programs Kredit Usaha Rakyat (KUR), which aims, among others:

• Increasing access to financing sources;

• Development of entrepreneurship;

• Increasing product market of SMEs and cooperatives;

• Reform of SMEs and cooperatives regulation.

The support for the banking sector SME sector is manifested in the form of partnership programs and awards such as, among others Kampoeng BNI (BNI) and the Young Entrepreneur Mandiri (Bank Mandiri).

The Banking Seminar presented:

• Choirul Djamhari, Ph.D, the Deputy for Institutional Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs representing the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs , with the topic "The Role of Government in Promoting National Banking for Micro and Entrepreneurial to drive the sector as part of the Nawacita program"

• Dr. Aviliani, the Head of Research and Development Center of Banks Association, with the topic: "The Role of the National Banking and Strategic Steps to Support Micro Industry Sector and Young Entrepreneurs"

The other speakers on the seminar are:

• Arief Surarso, (VP Small Business Division PT. Bank Negara Indonesia, Tbk. (Persero), "The Role of PT. Bank Negara Indonesia in strengthening the micro and SMEs"

• Tardi (Retail Banking Director of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk., "Challenges and concrete steps of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) to encourage young people in entrepreneurship";

• Yasa P. Singgih (Independent Young Entrepreneur 2015 / Owner of Mens Republic), "Tips for successful entrepreneurs to win the competition in the creative industries";

• Sri Winarti (Participant Kampoeng BNI / Entrepreneur Batik Lasem) "Challenges of micro industries and SMEs in facing of global markets";

• Chand Kelvin (entrepreneur / artist), "Business opportunities of on-line business to pick up market share in generation Z)

Perbanas Institute with the full support from the member of Banks Association (Perbanas) is committed to take an active role in bridging the communication and the needs of the SME sector to the banking sector in several ways, especially in terms of capital. The event was also expected to help the SME sector actors to communicate with the banking sector regarding their needs both in relation to partnerships and funding.



On Tuesday, July 26, 2016 held at the Auditorium Unit III, Perbanas Institute launched S-1 Sharia Banking and Finance by holding a seminar on Sharia Banking under the theme: "Opportunities and Challenges for Human Capital in the Global Sharia Finance". This event was attended by ademicians, high school teachers, and guests from various circles.  


The seminar presented a keynote speaker Dr. Muliaman D. (Chief Commissioner of Indonesia Financial Services Authority) who was represented by Mr. Achmad Buchori as the Head of Sharia Banking Department of the IFSA, and other speakers, include:

1. Dr. Hamid Fahmi Zarkasyi, MA, ED, M. Phil (Islamic University Darussalam, Gontor);

2. Dr. Suminto (Director of Islamic Financing of Ministry of Finance);

3. Dr. Imam T. Saptono (Director of BNI Sharia);        

4. Dr. Marisa Haque, M.H., Hum., MBA., M.Sc. (Moderator)


Perbanas Institute’s S-1 Sharia Banking and Finance focuses on sharia banking and finance with the aims:

1. To produce graduates who are ready to become competent human resources, professional and excel in sharia banking and financial industry;

2. To produce graduates who uphold the values of sharia and noble in any work activity;

3. To produce graduates who understand the values of the sharia economic well and be able to apply both within the working environment as well as in society.


Then the graduates of S-1 Sharia Banking and Finance are expected to be professional in the areas of :

1. practitioners of sharia banking;

2. practitioners in sharia capital markets and investment industry;

3. analyst and fund manager at sharia financial institutions;

4. practitioners (entrepreneurs) in sharia companies or businesses.