International Students

International Students

Perbanas Institute conducts 6 bachelor degree (S1) study programs and 2 postgraduate programs. Find out where you are going to be studying and the other information in this section.

Why Perbanas Institute?

The focus of Perbanas Institute’s curriculum is the banking world and it is designed to be innovative, dynamic, and applicable to both recent and future needs. Furthermore, it integrates theoretical and practical knowledge with the pleasant learning methods.

Professional lecturers:
Lecturers have been selected among the best, and they are experts in the theoretical and practical aspects of their respective fields. Most lecturers hold Master and Doctoral Degree from outstanding local and overseas universities. In addition to teaching, Perbanas Institute lecturers are also involved in various excellent researches and community services in collaboration with either local or foreign institution.

Pleasant Teaching Methods:
Teaching methods are held interestingly so they motivate students to participate actively, allowing sufficient space for initiatives, creativities, and independence, among others through discussion, project method, problem solving, and team work.

Regular Seminar, Workshop, and Special Events:
Perbanas Institute regularly conducts seminars, workshops, and also various educational programs on several topics of current interests, such as Perbanas Innovative Seminar, CEO Talks, Visiting Lecturer, Studium Generale, Perbanas Banking Awards, etc.

Strategic Partnership:
To ensure that the curricula and content of our programs are always up to date and meet the business and industrial requirements, Perbanas Institute develops networks and strategic collaboration with major and reputable professional organization and institution. Also, full supports from all academia, business sector, government, and society will enhance Perbanas Institute reputation in both national and global level.

Perbanas Institute Career Center:
Perbanas Institute Career Center, a division which prepares the graduates to be able to win the competition in the work field, aims to prepare mentality and skills, to develop human resources, and also to help the graduates of Perbanas Institute to get a job professionally within less than 6 months after their graduation. Some of the activities in Perbanas Institute Career Center are Campus Hiring, Job Placement, Job Vacancy Info, Career Development Program (CDP), and Job Fair in cooperation with various prominent companies either national banks or private companies.

Outstanding Facilities:
As a modern campus, Perbanas Institute provides complete and outstanding facilities for the students such as:

  • Full AC classrooms and multimedia equipment in every class,
  • IT based academic services, practical labs (Computer Lab, Conventional and Sharia Banking, and Capital Market / Dealing Room),
  • Library with a comprehensive book collection and e-journal subscription,
  • Banking service and ATM center,
  • Secure Parking,
  • Sport Center (mini soccer, basketball, and fitness center),
  • Mosque, and
  • Food Court.

Student Centers:
There are 19 students’ extra-curricular activities to accommodate interests and talents, academic activities, among others are: Students Choir, Photography, Nature Lovers Club, Students Cooperative, Core Science Study Clubs, Religious Clubs, Campus Radio, Campus Music, Campus Magazine, and Sports.
Perbanas Institute students have high achievements in academic and scientific activities, arts, and sports both in local and international level.

Strategic Location:
Perbanas Institute campus is located in a golden triangle of business area (Rasuna Said-Sudirman-Thamrin), supported by easy access and public transportation service (Trans-Jakarta Bus) and free from 3 in 1 rule.


  • Endurance: Continuously building positive spirits and strengthen endurance to face all challenge;
  • Trustworthy: Trust based on competence and reliability;
  • Humanity: Empathize and sympathize towards unity in diversity;
  • Integrity: Promoting honesty, loyalty, openness, consistency and responsibility;
  • Competence: Process capability and act professionally in carrying out duties;
  • Sense of Belonging: Being part of an institution that serves as a living community


International students are those who are not Indonesian citizens. International students are divided into two categories:

  • Regular students (for Diploma, Bachelor Degree and Postgraduate School students) International students must meet the academic, language requirements and commit to comply with particular regulations of the Indonesian government related to education policy in order to apply for a degree at Perbanas Institute.
  • Non-regular students (for non-degree students, e.g. Students Exchange in Sports, Science, Culture, Courses, Trainings, etc.)

Indonesia does not issue a student visa. To study in Indonesia, the international students (regular students) have to apply for a limited stay visa (VITAS) which is later converted into a limited stay permit (KITAS) in Jakarta. KITAS will be valid for either 6 or 12 months and can be extended every year, depending on the study period in Indonesia. Perbanas Institute through its International Office will assist international students to apply for visa and deal with the immigration process.

Perbanas Institute, Unit VI Building, 6th Floor
Phone: (021) 5252533 Ext.: 6600
Contact Person: Nani Fitriani, M.Hum. 

Because of its strategic site, located in the Business Triangle District in Jakarta (Sudirman-Thamrin-Rasuna Said), Perbanas Institute can be reached easily using various public transportations.

From Soekarno-Hatta International Airport:
The best way to get to Perbanas Institute is by taxi and its charge is based on the distance. Beside taxi, the other public transportation is Bus Airport (DAMRI) with its journey’s end to Gambir Train Station or Blok M Bus Station continued with taxi or Trans-Jakarta Bus to Perbanas Institute.

From Gambir Train Station or Pasar Senen Bus Station
Taxi or other public transportation such as Trans-Jakarta Bus can be hired.

Established in 1527, Jakarta is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia, and has an area of ​​664 km2, a population of approximately 10 million people (2012). It is the central city of government and business so it becomes the busiest city in Indonesia. Jakarta is located at 6° 12' south latitude and 106° 48' east longitude position.

Jakarta is the special administrative area and the city is divided into five administrative regions and one administrative district, namely: Central Jakarta Administration City, North Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Jakarta, East Jakarta, as well as Administrative District Thousand Islands.
In the north side stretches the coast along 35 miles and becomes the den of 13 rivers and 2 canals (East Flood Canal and West Flood Canal). In the south and east sides it borders with the city of Depok, Bogor Regency, the city of Bekasi and Bekasi Regency, meanwhile in the west side it borders with the city of Tangerang and Tangerang Regency, and in the north by the Java Sea.

Jakarta generally has hot climate with the air temperatures ranging from 32.7° C - 34° C during the day, and about 23.8° C - 25.4 ° C at night.

The religion of the people of Jakarta is diverse and they are Moslems ( 84.4 % ), Protestants (6.2 % ), Catholics ( 5.7 % ), Hinduism ( 1.2 % )  and Buddhism ( 3.5 % ).
Jakarta is popular as a metropolitan city inhabited by different ethnic and tribal with a life full of peace and tolerance (multicultural city). Jakarta people are famous for their warmth, hospitality, and their smiling faces.

To support the mobility of the people and business activities, Jakarta has the variety of public transportation that can be easily accessed by everyone, they are:

  • Airplane going to all the big cities in Indonesia and abroad
  • Taxi (recommended taxi: Blue Bird Group, Taxiku, Express)
  • Trans-Jakarta Bus with 12 corridors directed to all Jakarta areas
  • Bus (Kopaja & Metromini)
  • Minibus (Angkot)
  • Commuter Line Train (Jakarta-Depok-Bogor-Bekasi-Tangerang)
  • Bajaj
  • Ojek (Motorcycle taxi)

Tourist Destinations:
Jakarta is one of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia and to increase the number of tourists to visit Jakarta the government annually held a program called "Enjoy Jakarta". Some famous tourist spots and mostly visited by local and foreign tourists are: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (including the Fantasy and Seaworld Indonesia), and many resorts in Kepulauan Seribu). In addition, it has many historical sight such as Gajah Museum, Fatahillah Museum, and the National Monument (Monas) also numerous shopping and culinary travel typical Indonesia.

Moreover, this time Jakarta provides approximately 219 star hotels and 3,173 restaurants. Almost all world -class hotel chains have opened outlets in Jakarta, such as the JW Marriott Jakarta, The Ritz - Carlton Jakarta, Shangri - La Hotel, and the Grand Hyatt Jakarta.

Local Time:
Indonesia has three different local times: east (WIT), central (WITA), and west (WIB).  Jakarta belongs to the Western Indonesia Time (WIB): (GMT + 7 hours).
Generally, the office hours are between 8 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday. However, several offices are closed earlier on Friday.
Markets are open since early morning (± 5 am) until 6 or 7 pm, while shops are open from 8 am to 9 pm. You can also find minimarts which are open 24 hours a day and local restaurants usually open from 7 am to 10 or 11 pm.